Nice things to say to a girl

Nice Things to say to girls

Girls love to feel special. You need to tell her about all the good things that she really wants to hear from you. From praising her figure to loving her hobbies, craziness and attitude, this is what considered nice and very important to say to a girl. It doesn’t only fortify the relationship but also earn you her true love.

Praise her

It’s probably the best thing girls love to hear. However it should not be limited to her figure. Sometime she wants to listen to some compliments other than “you look sexy”. Extol her style, her personality and her attitude as well.

Share her goals

You need to pacify her in case of any loss by proving that you have the same feeling of loss and you think as her goal is yours. Make her feel better by sharing the dreams she has in her eyes for the future with you.

Accept her as she is

“I love you as you are” is probably the best thing to say to a girl. Rather than pointing out the flaws in her personality or routine your approval for her is the best way to win her heart. Once you manage this she is sure to return a positive response.

Tell her how special she is

You need to tell your girl regularly how special she is and how pleasingly her amazing personality and looks leave you flabbergasted. Tell her you want to relish every moment of your day and night with her as she is the most unique and special person to you. Your girl is really going to get teary over listening to  these wonderful praising comments from you.

Motivate her

In times of difficulty she wants your shoulder. That is the best time to prove your love for her. Motivate her. Tell her that this moment of suffering will be gone. She just needs to continue pursuing her dreams. She should never feel down at all. Your motivated words are probably the best thing to convey her in rather harsh times.

Praise her hobby

Hobby is something that reflects the inner personality of people and it is often loved by people. Your nice comments about her hobby (doesn’t matter what it is) are sure to give her a lovely feeling. Praise her and tell her how effortlessly she has mastered it and how skillfully she is manipulating her skills to give her best. These words not going to make her happy but are sure to earn you higher esteem as well.

Tell her you are proud of her

Partners have their lives linked to each other. You should tell her how her personality has changed your life completely. Her love and affection is making you a better person every day. Its giving you confidence to face the world with more courage than before and you are proud of her the way she is battling her way out in all situations to strengthening this relationship.

Call her with loving names

Call her honey, sweet heart or love. This will help her to realize the affection and softness lying in your heart for her. Every conversation will become sugary and so romantic if you call her with these loving names.

Tell her she completes your life

“You complete me and my life” is probably the sweetest thing to say to your girl. She will be proud of having you as a whole and this feeling will make her love you even more vibrantly.

To stay in a strong and beautiful relationship it is necessary to praise your girl. Your nice words will motivate her to craft her way successfully in social life and she can fill your life with a pleasant mist with her love and attention.



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