What to say when someone passes away

What to say when someone passes away
What to say when someone passes away

To say someone who has lost someone is very difficult because you do not find any appropriate word to console them. This is the most difficult time because the person will never come back so they feel restless and grieved. Hence, you can say them the following things to comfort them.

What to say when someone passes away

Choose right time

When some pass away, you need to be conscious about the comfort of the surviving family. If the family members are not in the sate of dealing anyone then do not disturb them. Give them their time, and stay patient and calm. Additionally, do not leave them alone at that time. The time and space matter a lot to start a conversation so do not start the conversation if the surviving family is not well.

Use the right words to console

When you find the rights words for the condolence of the person passes away, talk to their relatives and friends.  Finding right words is the most difficult thing when someone passes away because the surviving family may get hurt or feel worse. So be brief and sympathetic rather than delivering long speeches and words.

Comfort the surviving family

Spend time with the surviving family rather than avoid talking to them. Try to use the words that provide comfort to the people who have lost their loved ones. However, keep in mind the temperament of the family and do not speak something which they get mind so avoid to ramble on and on.

Console them with warm Hug

Pay your heartiest condolences by giving a warm hug to the surviving family, and offer your sympathy to make them feel at home. Meanwhile, you can talk about your visits to the person passed away. Discuss your relationship with the deceased person with his family and friends. Maintain a serious and courteous tone so that the family feels that you understand their pain.

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Offer them Practical help

In the time of utter grief, ask the surviving family to for practical help. You can help them monetarily at the time, or you can look after their outdoor activities like grocery, driving for them etc. You serve them food and meals but keep in mind the temperament of the family. If they will not feel comfortable, then do not involve more. Stay at distance but do help them practically.

Avoid Emotional Discussion

At the moment when the family has lost their loved one, do not indulge with them in the emotional conversation because they will feel sadder. Do talk with them but maintain the limits. Be genuine with them, if you do not find right words then stay quiet but avoid excessive discussion which makes them emotional.

Stay in constant contact

 The best thing is to stay in constant contact with the family because they may not tell you about their needs but you can understand when you will remain in constant touch through social media or visiting them at home. It will make help make them emotionally strong that someone is taking care of them in the hour of need.

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Let them Talk about The Past

Let the family share with you the memories of the deceased person. Do not get irritated or bore just listen because it means for the family more than anything else at the moment. They have lost their dear one so they cannot overcome the grief within moments. Let them discuss their anger and grief.

Therefore, you can say the following words to you’re the surviving family when someone passes away; it is the most difficult time and you can comfort them emotionally by showing patience.


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