What to say someone who is suicidal

What to say someone who is suicidal

The person with suicidal instincts may never ask for help and that is the sturdiest thing in choosing the best words to say to someone who is suicidal. According to WHO about 1 million people die every year from suicide. Suicide is a highly desperate endeavour to escape from the troubles of life that have become agonising. The feelings of self-loathness, seclusion and hopelessness are responsible for blinding a person so much that he doesn’t find a salvation other than attempting suicide. However talking openly about the issue and saying words of compassion to someone who is suicidal can definitely save lives.

Show them your concern

Being a close friend to a suicidal person is the best opportunity where you can initiate a lifesaving campaign for the person most efficiently. Most of the time suicidal person is thinking himself to be all alone. He doesn’t see anyone around to seek help from. In such circumstances if you say some words showing them your concern will be highly esteemed. Anything like “I have been concerned about you lately” or “you do not look alright”.

Tell someone who is suicidal that you are observing the changes in them

Suicidal person thinks himself to be ignored and hated by the society. They will become lonely and self-hating which leads to suicide eventually.  That’s why in this situation it is very helpful if somehow the suicidal person is made to think that he is care and thought about and there is someone who is noticing all the changes in their personality. At the end of the day it is a helpful thing for any suicidal person.

Offer your help

Suicidal person is often hesitant to seek help openly but I don’t mean they don’t want it. So the best strategy is to offer your help to them. May be the person is in the dire need of it. Words like “I cannot understand your feelings exactly but I sincerely want to help you” or “I do not know what to say exactly but I am here for you” are best to say to someone who is suicidal.

Be honest and sincere

Sometimes when you really want to help someone who is suicidal, the words are not that important. It’s more about the honesty and sincerity that will be evident from your manner and voice. Just be yourself while saying anything to a suicidal person. Your sincerity is going to have a bigger impact on the suicidal thoughts of the victim than any of the words or measures.

Show them hope

Hopelessness is regarded to be the principal reason of the suicides worldwide. The best thing to say to a person who is suicidal is indeed something hopeful. You need to help them realize that these feelings are temporary. They have life and opportunities and whatever is happening now won’t remain here forever. Help them realize that every bad day ends and every night have a morning to follow.

Do not act shocked

Apart from saying a lot of kind and hopeful words to someone who is suicidal an important thing is to remember what not to say as well. You must not act shocked in front of them. Expressions like “what? Are you seriously thinking that madly?” or “don’t you know how stupid it is to think like this?” are going to annoy them rather than improving the way they feel.

Helping a suicidal person is a moral duty of anyone around him. It doesn’t only save a life but gives hope to so many others going through similar circumstances. Words full of kindness, concern, affection and hope are the best to say to someone who is suicidal.

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