What to say to a grieving friend

things to say to a grieving friend

When someone leaves us, we feel grieved and mournful. We feel so down and low that unconsciously we want someone else’s shoulder to cry on. This moment proves challenging for you because you will calm your friend. Your advice, support and valuable time would heal their wounds; however, you need strong and powerful words to say something to your grieving friend.

“I Understand”

You can calm your grieving and sad friend by saying “I Understand.” This phrase would prove magical for the listener and would heal the wounds of your grieved friend.  In your friend’s grief and despair, you perform a supporting role by giving them suggestions and advice. It will save them from negativity because they will share their grief with them. Your kind words will relieve your grieve friend will relieve the mental stress. Ultimate truth is that the grief belongs to the griever so you need to play your role well to take out your friend from the emotional and psychological turmoil.

“Avoid Talking About The Past”

It is necessary to avoid talking about past situations with your grieved friend, don’t remind him his mistakes and deficiencies at the moment when he is in utmost pain.  Your aim should be to stay honest with your friend so he can tell you his/her feeling after the sad incident.

Maintain silence

You need to stay quiet and silence when your friend is extremely sad. You should understand that he is not in the position to bear your lectures about morality and humanity. Your presence, warm embrace, and silence are sufficient to make them feel secure and relax.

A Warm Hug

  A warm hug act like a medicine cures all the pains and worries of your friend. You should remain softly embrace your friend and gently pat on his back to make him feel strong. This soft touch would wipe away all his loneliness because his sense of isolation will replace by the feeling of comfort and security.

Show Love”

Every human being understands the language of love, and your friend is in the most vulnerable emotional state. So you should express your love through words, through determination to do anything for your grieved friend, and through your gestures. At that moment, you simply need to make your grieve friend that you love him, and you can do anything for him which can relax him.

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“Empathize your grieve friend”

Your friend is grieved because someone has hurt his/ her feelings so you should make him realize that you understand what he going through. Let his anger, frustration, and despair come out through words. Don’t stop him from crying because he will feel relax after shedding the tear. So empathize with him/her to calm him.

Avoid Assumption

 Avoid making assumptions on basis of the outward appearance of your friend because maybe the bereaved person may look fine outside but inside they are suffering. When you start your conversation with phrases like “You are so strong” or “You look so well,” your friend may feel pressurized and hide his/her feelings from you.  Therefore, let them speak what they are experiencing rather than making any assumption based on the outward appearance because many people dislike receiving sympathies. So they suffer alone without sharing anything.

When grief, despair, and frustration overcome your personality, it paralysis your thinking ability so your role becomes significant. Try to show tolerance, empathize with your friend, let him/her shed tears, and assure them that you are with them. You can do anything for them practically. This would be the best therapy to take out your friend from his/her grieve condition.


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