What to say to someone who is dying

What to say to someone who is dying

When someone is dying, you feel most helpless because it makes us little uncomfortable. WE do not understand what we should say and do but we feel the urge to help them despite the fact that we cannot do anything for them. It is not easy to accept if the dying person is your dear one. On the other hand, to stay close to a dying person is not common experience; hence, we should follow the simple things to provide some relief to the dying person.

What to say to someone who is dying

Stay Calm

The dying person undergoes extreme pain and helplessness when he gets to know that he will die soon. You should stay silent and calm without any expressions of sadness on your face. This will give the patient hope and courage because miracles happen every day.

Less talk about Patient’s disease

Do not talk about the serious health condition of the patient because it will lower their morale more. He has been spending his days in utter hopelessness so you should always talk positive. It will give the patient courage to combat with his serious health condition.

Confess the importance of the dying person

The person dying will regain his strength if you will make him realize that he has been the best with you throughout the life. Make him realize that he is very important friend of yours and occupies significant position in your life.

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Ask forgiveness

You should ask the dying person forgiveness about any mischief and harm you have ever done to him because you know his life has no guarantee; therefore, you should ask him to forgive you. It will also make you feel sympathy for him. The dying patient will be grateful to you that you are acknowledging his worth in your life.

Gentle Talks

Gently talk with the dying person instead of just staying silent. Silence would increase tension around the patient. Similarly, humorous talks and laughter can create distraction s you should talk gently with the dying person. This will give him some confidence and courage to combat his/her disease. Continuously talk with the person even he/ she do not answer you because he is listening your words and feeling your presence.

Give them Hope

Give them hope till their last breath that they will recover soon from the bad health. Whether he is in terrible health state or almost dying, never stop giving them hope. Your words are way to communicate with your dying relative or friend. Similarly, your gentle embrace and touch would prove effective for the dying person. Say him often, “I’m with you. You are not alone.” It will boost morale of the patient.

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Lessen their Fear

Death creates a halo of fear around the dying person as well as the people near them. Death is inevitable so when someone is at the doorsteps of the death, then feel hopeless, discouraged and sad. Your presence can make the dying person feel less fearful.

Revive Hopes

You should constantly give constant hope to the dying patient. Hope is beautiful thing which never let the strength and will power of the person die. He constantly holds the beacon of hope that he might get well soon. Though, life and death is beyond human power but you can constantly give him hope.

Give Dying Person Company

You should spend maximum time with your dying friend to take care of him. Allow the visitors according to hi/her situation to enter the room, and avoid creating any noise in his room. Though, do not remain silent and talk with your friend in causal and normal way. Your company would heal many of his wounds.


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