What to say to someone who is grieving

What to say to someone who is grieving
What to say to someone who is grieving

It is difficult to determine to what to say to someone who is grieving. Happiness and grief are part of the human life cycle; therefore, sometimes people experience joy and another moment they experience distress. Human beings live together so they feel each other’s pain and sufferings. When you find someone grieving over his pain, you can provide comfort through the following methods:

What to say to someone who is grieving

Listen attentively

You should listen to the grieved person attentively because he has so much pain and sadness within his personality which he would lend out when he will share these sufferings with others. So lend an ear to the person who is grieving so that he can feel relax. Listening is a great ability which many people do not exhibit. Mostly people speak rather than listening others.

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Provide Help

Ask the friend to allow you to help him in all possible ways. Help them practically so that they may feel comfortable in so much pain. Do some household chores for them, cook for them or do some grocery for them. These little things would make the large difference. This is a way to console your grieving friend.

Be Patient

When you start a conversation with a grieved fellow, the need is to stay calm and patient because the person may not ready to tell you everything at that moment. He may not feel comfortable to discuss anything with you at that moment. So you should show tolerance and patience so that you can say something to your grieved friend.

Embrace the grieved person

You should embrace your grieved friend to make them comfortable. You should hug your friend because gentle touch and soft words do wonders. The person feels the power to overcome his sadness and despair. Hence, your warm embrace would make your friend feel happy and secure.

Discuss without Interruption

You should discuss with the person who is grieving without interrupting. Let the person pour out everything he has in his heart in front of you. Listen to him carefully rather than giving suggestions and advice in between conversation.

Body Gestures

Maintain eye contact with your friend while you start a discussion with him sit erect and attentively rather than feeling passive. Your body language will help your friend to understand that you are sincerely listening to his problems. If you will look here and there besides looking at the person then he might not share his feelings with you.

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Be Sincere

Make sure that the grieved person understands your emotions and feelings when you are having a conversation with him. Let the person understand that you will never share his emotions with anyone else. Let the person realize that you will not ridicule his emotions and feelings. He will share with you the reason of his grief confidently.

Moving on

Ask the grieved person to move on in life thinking that everything in life happens for a reason, and we should learn a lesson from this rather than becoming sad and depress. Moving on is the best therapy for comforting the grieved person.

Maintain Trust Relationship

You need to ask the person to trust that everything happens for good reasons so grieving over the issues or for some people is a useless thing. You need to establish a relationship of trust and believe that he can move forward towards some good aspects of life.

Comforting a grieved person is very difficult because we do not understand what to say them in the mode of despair and frustration. They need utmost at the moment when they are experiencing emotional and psychological turmoil. You can say some comforting words to the grieved person to make them relax and comfortable.


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