What to Say to Someone Who Lost a Child Suddenly

What to Say to Someone Who Lost a Child Suddenly

It is indeed very tough to say anything to someone who has lost a child suddenly. Especially if the grieving is a mother the task gets even more arduous. However never hesitate to say anything. Because after losing a dear child they definitely need someone to reach them with words full of support and affection. Here are a few things that are best to say to someone who lost a child suddenly

What to Say to Someone Who Lost a Child Suddenly

I am sorry for your loss

It’s simple precise yet very complete. Being at the loss of words while facing a parent who has suddenly lost a child is a normal thing. In such confusing circumstances, your few words uttered with sincere and deep emotions are indeed very soothing for the grieving person. At least they come to know that people understand their pain.

Don’t force the person to look normal

Losing a child is like losing a part of your life and being a mother this is the most tragic event of the life. The pain can only be realized and anticipated by the unlucky mother going through this excruciating experience. In such situation, if you demand or advise her to look ok with it, it’s kind of being silly. Asking her or him to get over it is very inappropriate. Avoid using such words because such words can only hurt the person deeply, but cannot bring any good.

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Do not say anything with At Least

Child loss is as big as losing your life. So be careful with the choice of words. You are supposed to soothe the grieving person rather than making them tense. So the choice of words is extremely important when you are about to say anything to someone who has lost a child. Anything like “at least you are young enough to have more babies” or “at least you have another kid” is very absurd to say in such cases. You cannot overlook the bond they had with the kid just died. So avoid using any such statements.

Never say anything religious to someone who has lost a child suddenly

In the excruciating pain of a loss of a kid whenever the religious reasons are given the grieving people often get offensive. After losing kids who are a part of their life and body no one wants to hear you saying “this was god’s plan”. Your aim should be to solace them rather than annoying them. According to researchers religious phrases often leave the grieving annoyed. So avoiding such words should be the first priority.

What to say to someone who lost a child
What to say to someone who lost a child

Offer your support

You should understand that the grieving parent is in a heartbroken situation, where nothing seems good or right at all. Such people are in a dire need of support from friends and family. However, this support should be compassionate and very kind. You should never be demanding or imposing at all. Your kind words like “I am here for you. Just tell me if you think anything I could do for you” going to leave a big positive impression. Maybe the grieving person wants to share something about the suddenly lost child and such words are the best motivation for them to do so.

Offer Condolences

when someone loses their child, he needs sincere condolences; hence, you need to say them “I feel sorry for your loss.” These words cannot return what they have lost but these will heal their wounds to some extent.

Give Them Company

 The need of the hour is to provide comfort to the grieved parents who have just lost their child. Their loss is permanent and they feel alone. At that moment, your physical presence will make them bit confident. Stay silent but stay in close contact with the parents who have lost their child.

Remember the child

Discuss with the deceased parents who lost their child about their child’s life, habits, and schooling etc. discuss little things related to the child. It will help them to release their pain and anger. Share with them the pictures of the child and listen what they tell you about the child. It will help them to release their pain.

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Allow them to cry

Let the person cry who loses his children because one cannot say that it has been God’s will or they should move on. This loss and the associated pain can never be subside from the lives if the parents; hence, let them cry and give vent to all their frustrations and anger.

Take care of their health

In the state of utter grief, the emotional and mental health of the child might get affected. At this moment, take care of their health because they will not care of their diet routine. You should do everything for them at this moment. Cook for them, clean their home and serve them on time. It will give them strength to give the fight with their emotional stress.

Uplift their moral

Uplift their strengths by saying them brave, courageous and perseverance. It would make them feel that they can overcome this difficult time because they have potential to their personality. No doubt, their loss is irreparable but they have to live and move on in life so made strong through your kind words.

Compliment the child

In front of the deceased parents, compliment the departed soul. They will feel also share something with you in return. Say them the child was god-gifted with great intellect or some qualities like this. It will release their stress and grief to some extent.

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Give Time

Give some time to the parents, and never say them that it was god’s will or it is a very natural process. Just give them some time, cherish memories of the child, and compliment the parents and the child. Never show hem restlessness or become impatient because they might get dishearten.

The relationship of parents-child is precious; their love is beyond expression so they when parents lost their child they feel great difficulty to overcome this strength. However, you can stay with someone who has lost their child to stay brave, courageous and strong in order to pass their difficult time.

Don’t try to force everything to be better

Never tell the person to stop being sad about losing the child. The temptation to do this while you are looking to help that person.

Losing a child suddenly is a massive shock and often leave the grieving parents in prolong traumas. You should come up with something really nice and psychologically best to say to someone who has suddenly lost a child. Your few compassionate words can help the grieving to fight their trauma and killing memories of the kid more efficiently.


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