What to say to someone who lost a parent

What to say to someone who lost a parent

Choosing the best condolence words to say to someone who has lost a parent in indeed arduous. The bonds people usually have with parents is rather unique. It’s not only of emotional affection but it is profound and everlasting. After losing a parent the feeling that overwhelms you is not only of pain and loneliness but somewhat fear as well. Because parents especially fathers are the most protective individual a person finds around after being conscious of his surroundings. However following few words may be very effective to say to someone who has lost a parent.

Show how sorry you feel about the loss

The purest form of showing someone your seriousness on the loss of their parents is to convey a polite and very condolence. “I really feel sorry for your loss” is the best form of saying so. It is not only precise but seems very original and to the point. These few words can bring a soothing sensation in the overly tense environment around.

Don’t feel shy to tell you are at a loss of words

Finding suitable words to match the occasion when someone loses his parents is indeed a troublesome task. However in order to keep the things original and sincere you must not shy to indicate clearly that you are not able to find the right words for this occasion. But still you are really sorry for the loss of his or her parent. This expression of your pure self is going to have an impact on the grieving for sure.

Your parent will be in my prayer always

These probably are the simplest yet suitable words to say on this moment. Whenever you tell someone that their loved ones will be in your prayers as well it will have a very inspiring affect. The grieving will be thankful to you for such kind gesture. You will earn respect as their loved ones will not be forgotten after they have left; in fact there are other people around to keep their memory alive. This feeling is indeed very constructive.

Offer them your help

The loss of a parent may leave the person traumatized. In such conditions if someone offer them help in recovering from the trauma it will be indeed very kind and appreciated. The grieving person is in the dire need of someone to hold them together. And if you offer them that “I am just a phone call away in case you need me” is indeed very acknowledgeable.

Share the memories of their parent

Memories with parents are indeed very fabulous and long lasting. Unlike many other relationships in which people get annoyed or uncomfortable while discussing the departed souls the relationship of parent is usually more comfortable to talk about. Studies revealed that people like to discuss the memories of their parents after they die. In such state if you can present yourself as a wonderful audience to the grieving it will be a very kind act.

Sharing someone’s pain is a great act of humanity. If your words and expressions have the power to sooth the excruciating memories of the loving parent from the mind and heart of the grieving, then you indeed are a kind person. One should always chose his words very carefully before saying anything to someone who has lost a parent as your words have a far more deep impact than you would ever imagine.


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