What to say to someone who lost someone

What to say to someone who lost someone
What to say to someone who lost someone

Some people hold a special position in your life, and you cannot imagine losing them; though, life is so unpredictable that you cannot say anything about near future. You can accidently lose someone in your life or someone will leave you intentionally. In both cases you will experience extreme helplessness and sadness; therefore, you need to console and comfort them through kind words. Sometimes it happens that is very difficult to deal with the friend who has lost someone really special; however, they need you the most at that moment. Though it becomes difficult to say them anything but you can deal them in the following way.

What to say to someone who lost someone

Say them ‘Be Patient”

You should talk with them about the uncertainty of human life. Ask the person to stay patient because nothing can replace human beings in your life. If someone has left you forever, someone else will fill his place. Panic, frustration, and tension will cause depression; therefore, it is better to avoid them. It will give them nothing but affect their health; therefore, tell your friend to stay patient if he has lost someone special.

Say to remain ‘Optimistic’

When someone loses someone, ask them to stay optimistic and hopeful because he/she might come back in their life. The Optimistic approach will revive their strengths. Ask them never feel hopelessness because nothing is impossible in this world. If they will show optimism, then they can heal their wounds soon.

‘Say the to Pray’

Ask your friend to pray for someone he has lost. Prayer is the best gift for others, and it causes miracle happen. By praying to God, he/she may come back in your life and complete your life once again. You may feel happy and satisfy again but pray is the ultimate solution instead of taking depression and becoming sad.

Sympathize with the person

You should sympathize with the person who has lost someone special from his/her life because his/her life will remain incomplete without that person. Make them realize that everything happens for a good reason, and everything has a good substitute. This thinking will reduce their pain when they will understand that everything happens for a reason. They will leave mourning and regain some strength in their life.

Acknowledge the Pain

Acknowledge the pain at the moment when your friend loses someone special. Ask him to stay calm in this period of chaos and disturbance. Tell him that you know how much it hurts when someone close leaves you but human strength can help to overcome this phase of helplessness. By telling them that you know that “it hurts,” they can overcome their pain.

‘Say the to Move on’

When someone loses someone from their life, they feel their life worthless; however, tell them to move on in their life and they will find more good friends ahead. If they constantly think about the person, they have lost then they will never be able to move forward. The best therapy is to retain good memories of that person and move on in your life.

Comfort with Hug

At this moment, the person who has lost his dear one would feel really helpless; therefore, console him through a hug and warm embrace which will bestow him emotional comfort. When someone loses someone in their life, then they feel really helpless so your words would word magically for them.

Though many people in our lives hold unique position and we can never forget them no matter what. On the other hand, when we lose someone special from our lives then we feel we cannot fill their space in our life. Though, you can say the aforementioned things to someone who has lost someone in their life.


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