What to say to someone who lost their father?

What to say to someone who lost their father

You always try to determine the kindest and the gentlest words to someone who lost their father. After mother, the relationship with the father is the closest one and holds supreme priority in the lives of almost every individual. If a friend or a close relative loses their father you need to use some direct yet genuine condolences, following can be the nicest words to say to someone who lost their father.

I feel sorry for your loss

These are very common words but very honest, pure, accurate and precise. These are the most healing words for a person who has just gone through such massive emotional cessation.

Make the person feel strong once he lost his father

Losing someone so dear and close like a father is indeed a colossal loss. The person is already broken and traumatized emotionally. You need to bring comfort to him by telling him how strong he or she is. And how superbly his father has taught him to bear any loss in life. Try to mollify them by telling how brave you have found him in daily life because of his strong approach towards arduous matters. This thing will definitely bring a soothing sensation to anyone who has just lost his father.

I feel your pain

The book Grieving the Loss of Someone You Love: Daily Meditations to Help You through the Grieving Process, authors Raymond R. Mitsch and Lynn Brookside maintain that the words “I feel your pain” are the four most accommodating words that can be uttered to a agonized person.

It’s unlike saying “I know how you feel” because doesn’t matter how analogous your lives are but still every person has an altogether very different scenarios in life. So this statement would be very artificial. However I FEEL YOUR PAIN is something pure and very empathetic in every sense.

Show them your affection without indicating their loss

Sometimes a very obliging approach and the nicest thing to say to someone who lost his father are to use affectionate words. Words that seem a part of the everyday routine yet make the grieving person feel very special. Like you can say “I am bringing you your favorite hot chocolate” or “I have got your favorite monthly magazine, just coming to deliver”. The grieving person won’t be very interested in the thing by it is your affectionate words and attitude that will help to relieve the pain.

How are you doing now?

It’s probably a very fine tactic as you are not only asking the grieving person about their state right now but also providing them with an open opportunity to talk about his father in whatever way he likes. It is believed by psychologists that asking someone how is he is the best question as it will encourage the grieving person to express his pain and loss rather openly with you. At this point you should shoe your attentiveness and interest in whatever he or she tells you. Your friend or relative who has lost their father needs a compassionate companion to talk about their father and if you present yourself in such situation, you will be highly esteemed by them later.

It’s very hard to find the best words to say to someone who list their father. The attachment with fathers is indeed very obvious. However you pure and affectionate words can bring comfort to the grieving person. Since serving humanity is the better way to live, soothing someone with such a loss is the best way you serve humanity and live up to the expectations of being a really nice individual.



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