What to say when someone dies

What to say when someone dies

Whenever a close colleague, neighbour or a dear friend is grieving after losing someone there is a common hesitation in choosing the right words to say to the people when someone dies. This confusion often leads to silence or may be some really awkward words with absurd expressions. However it should be kept in mind that the consoling words you choose to utter when someone dies are always important to improve your relationship with the person and to add a good social review to your personality. Following are some appropriate words to say when someone dies

Show your grief

The most important thing is to show your deepest grief on the occasion. Indeed the loss of a loved one is very demolishing for any person and often leaves the grieving in a shattering trauma. In such circumstances if they find someone who is all willing to share their grief and pain, it’s highly appreciated and liked. Simple words like “I feel extremely sorry for your loss” have a big impact on the person who has lost someone recently.

Assure them of your support and presence around

Whenever a close person dies the shock and pain is so overwhelming that it shakes the whole life tragically. This is the time when the grieving person is not only at the loss of words but he is also alone and empty. He or she definitely requires someone to come up with some of the kindest words. In such circumstances if you offer your support and presence to the grieving person it will be of huge help indeed. You can say some nice and kind words in this regard like “I am here for you” or “I am only a phone call away you may call me anytime”. These simple but supporting words will help them to seek a friendly companion in you who can listen to them whenever they wish. This thing will encourage them to break the shell of pain and loneliness.

Remember the lost person in mellifluous and good words

Sometimes talking about the departed soul comforts the grieving person a lot. “he was a nice guy” or she was such an amazing lady” type of words are usually warm and accepted by the sore heart. The grieving person also wants to talk about the lost relative sometimes but hesitates because of the overflow of emotions and tears but this way you provide them with a careful start to cherish the good memories with their dead relationships and lighten the pain.

Acknowledge the hardship the grieving person is going through

Everyone knows the excruciating pain caused when someone dies who is dear and close. But acknowledging it in front of the grieving is what makes the difference. Just by saying “I know it would be extremely hard” you indicate that you understand the big effort behind this control over emotions and you absolutely honour the pain and patience of the grieving.

Nice words and gesture of kindness when someone dies are the best way to console the grieving persons. It doesn’t only help them to fight back the pain of loss effectively but also enables them to get back to the normal life soon.


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