What to say when someone loses a pet

What to say when someone loses a pet
What to say when someone loses a pet

Human beings love to keep pets in their home. The pets are like family members for you so when you lose your pet, you feel you have lost someone very special. It happens because you spend most of the spare time at home with your pets: cats, dogs, and parrots. You feel a strong emotional attachment to them, so you cannot bear their loss. In case the pet of your friend or sibling passes away, console them by saying the following words.

What to say when someone loses a pet

Offer Condolences

Start the conversation in a serious tone to console them. Say them that you feel “sorry” for his loss. Never ridicule their sentiments and emotions at that moment because they feel really sad. They have spent time with the pet so cannot understand the depth of their emotions; therefore, stay serious and humbly offer your condolences.

Simply Listen

When you’re the person share with you the memories of his pet, lend an ear to them. Show your interest through your emotions and gestures. Do not make them feel that you do not have any interest in their discussion. It will enhance their grief because they will think their despair as nothing for other people like you. So, stay calm and listen what they share with you about their pet.

Ask the reason of Death

Ask your friend about the deceased pet. Inquire about the reason whether the pet was sick. If he does not give them much information, then do not push him. However, if the person is interested then ask him how it happened, and what safety measures he had been taking before. To lighten their mood and release their stresses, ask them the funniest things that pet has ever done. It will relax them from the worries.

Don’t interrupt

Don’t interrupt in the discussion by saying that you understand how it feels because you have lost one. So don’t bring up your experiences as it will belittle their pain. It will make them feel like a grief competition. So never interrupt, and lend a sympathetic ear.

Use the pet name

Never use the word “pet” for the deceased animal because he has been dear to someone. Always use the pet name like “kitty,” “Sherlin,” “Bruno” whatever they call his/her pet. Referring their dear pet as “the dog” or “the cat” will make the angry so never do this. Stay patient and courteous. Use the name, the owner has given to the pet.

Sharing memories of the Pet

Tell the person that you have a memory or favorite photo of their pet, and share it with them. Attach a beautiful message of condolence and post a cute photo of the pet on Facebook or other social media sites.  This will show your love and support. It will show them that they understand your lose so the person will feel happy in the fact that their pet had a positive impact on others.

Make Donation

Make the donation in the name of the pet to any animal-related organization because it will be the kindest gesture for other deceased animals. Besides this, make some donations to the orphanage, shelter homes something which can help them. It will commemorate the deceased pet.

Remind the owner that they gave the pet a great life

You should remind the owner that you loved your pet the most, ad tool cares like you do for other human beings. It will make the person feel better that he has not done injustice to the pet in its life. Let the person know that you have done everything beyond to make the pet happy in life.


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