Words of Sympathy for Loss of the Mother


Finding true and right words to sympathize someone who has lost his/her mother is very challenging because No loss is greater in this world than a mother’s loss. The pain is unbearable, and the memories are painful of the gone personality which no words can heal.

What to say to someone who lost Mother

Sorry to hear

What can you say about such sad moment? Just start your conversation with words like “sorry to hear” to empathize with the person who has lost the true blessing of his/ her life. Mothers always stay in heart of their children, and they can never forget her memories so consoles with the person by telling him how deeply you feel sad over the loss.

I’ll pray for your mother

Prayers are essential for alive as well as a dead person. Tell the person that you will pray for her mother to rest in peace in eternity which is the real abode. Guide them to do the constant prayer for the departed soul, and ask all relatives and acquaintances to pray for her. Ensure them that you understand they have lost someone special, and you will keep her and your family in your prayers.

Praise the departed soul

Share with the person about pleasant, happy and lovely memories of his/her mother. Recollect those memories which you have stored in your mind about his/her mother. It will relax and console the person. Remember your words cannot lessen their pain; however, telling your friend that his/her mother has been great throughout her life will make them relax.

Prayers are the precious gift you can send to the person, so donate something for sake of the departed soul.  When you will donate something to needy people, they would pray for the person gone. When the person will donate the clothes, things and other possessions of their mother to someone deserving, they will experience the serenity of mind.

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Continue Legacy of your mother

Tell your friend that it is impossible to replace his/her mother because shoes must feel big to fill. Discuss with them the good things their mother used to do, and compel to keep them in mind so that they can continue practicing them. However, one can continue the legacy of their mother. By following her example, the person can feel satisfaction and peace of mind. no one can bring back the deceased person but embrace her life, and consciously living by her motto of life will create a difference for the person who lost gem of his/her life.

Embrace the person

The physical touch and embrace will make the person feel really satisfy because he will feel comfort in your presence. He/she has lost the confidence of life so stay by them so they can feel confident and satisfy. A tight hug, a soft embrace, and holding hands can lessen the pain of the person.

Do practical help

The person suffers from mental and psychological trauma after losing his/her mother so you can take care of his small needs i.e household chores, outdoor activities, and financial help. These things can strengthen his/her will power that he/she has to move on holding teachings of his/her mother in his heart. Take care of meals and the health of the person.

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Let the person speak

In grief, it is significant that the person expresses his anger and stress so let the person speak about his/her mother. When he/she will share the memories so close to them about his/her mother, they will feel relief because it will give them realization that the other person is concerned about their pain of losing their mother; however, do not interfere and let the person who has lost his/her mother speak about her.

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