You are in our thoughts and prayers

Paying Tribute to the Dead person

You are in our Prayers and Thoughts because memories of a departed soul remain in the heart of his loved one’s from cradle to grave. Nothing can serve as a substitute of these precious memories. You will never be missed because you will always stay with us. We neither cry nor we feel we have lost something whenever we recollect all our memories associated with you, and it revitalizes all life energies.

You are in our thoughts and prayers

Shocking Experience

It is extremely hard to accept your death but we have to because you cannot return. Your sudden death has been a shocking experience for us. We regret we did not get a chance to say goodbye to you. You have been our world now we feel an irreplaceable part of our world is gone. We cry a river, and our pain knows no end because the grief is unbearable. We do not have any method to forget you because you are still in our thoughts and prayers.

Uncertainty of Life

Your death has reminded us the reality of this temporary world. It has expressed the brevity of the life. It has made us sensitive towards other dear ones. We have not imagined that this life will prove so brief and short. How can we imagine you have gone forever? We cannot take life for granted now because we don’t know what tomorrow will bring.

Hollowness and Emptiness

So many people are in our life yet we can feel the emptiness prevailed in our personality after your death. The grief has become troublesome because we haven’t seen your face at the moment you left. We cannot erase your memory from our mind because we have learned many lessons of life from you. Every decision we make, every step we take and every oath we make is a reflection of your teachings. So how can we forget you and forget you?

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Memories are Unforgettable

Whenever we enter the home, we miss your gentle smile. The vivid memory of your gentle embrace and lovely voice will never leave the doorsteps of our home because you are still alive in our heart. There are lifetime memories to cherish, to enjoy and to keep in the heart. Though the emptiness can never be filled, and our life would never same as it has been in your life. We will keep the setting of your room same as you have left; we will take care of your tomatoes in the garden forever with the same love, and we will never leave your pet alone. They are also part of your lively presence and memories.

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After you have gone, we feel our likes and dislikes have changed. We no more like our die heart favorite Lily flowers, but now we love roses. We no more like hanging out with friends as we like to stay at home. Some people are precious like you because they love humanity. We think you have been among those people who are God-gifted. They care and love for people more than themselves. So, when they leave, they never go away from the lives of their loved ones. They remain in the memory and thoughts of their friends, family, and acquaintances. Though life becomes a misery when someone dies but we feel you are with us. Our childhood memories, memories of our exciting youth and many other lively moments still revolve around our personality making you alive for us. My love for you will never fade away from our heart.

Death takes away the body from this physical world but it cannot snatch the treasure of memories so you will stay in our heart and memories.


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